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Welcome to the Kitchen Gardener

The Kitchen Gardener is a radio segment broadcast by ABC South East NSW on most Thursday mornings during the Breakfast program and available through SCPA News on Friday.

The kitchen gardeners who bring us these ramblings ‘round the region are Ian Campbell from ABC South East NSW and Geoffrey Grigg from SCPA-South East Producers. They are both keen kitchen gardeners, cooks and consumers of local food.

Each segment lasts about 10 minutes and often features a local character in their garden, kitchen or workplace.

Our EPISODES list all of the stories that have been broadcast since January 2104 and we have categorised each episode as follows;

  • GROWING for those stories that feature the food growers of the region
  • COOKING if you want to find stories about preparing food and food outlets
  • LEARNING to meet the teachers in our community who will share their knowhow
  • NETWORKING for stories about the communicators and community builders