Episodes : The Kitchen Gardener

Episodes of Kitchen Gardener

21.11.14 Beetroot Gnocchi Stacey George & Vicki Goldsmith Cooking
17.10.14 Grow Your Own Poppy Wise Growing
9.10.14 2009 Interview With The Late Bill Broadhead Bill Broadhead Growing
3.10.14 Olga Masters Festival Roy Masters Cooking
25.09.14 Cobargo Farm Open Day Janet Doolin Growing
18.09.14 Natural Resource Management Newsletter Rebecca Lines-Kelly Learning
11.09.14 Market Gardener Martin Gribble Growing
4.09.14 Sheep & Value-Added Fibres Tabitha Zarins Growing
28.08.14 Safe Money From Food Greg O'Donnell Cooking
21.08.14 Baking in the Rain Geoffrey Grigg Cooking
7.08.14 Fruit Fly Program John Barlow & Liz Worth Growing
24.07.14 Making Sauces Geoffrey Grigg Cooking
17.07.14 Stony Creek Farm Plugs Into The SE Food Economy Martin & Wendy Goodison Networking
26.06.14 A New Contributor To Local Food Jessica Taylor Networking
19.06.14 The Small and Dwarf Tomato Project Patrina Nuske Growing
12.06.14 Amanda's Ducks Amanda Stroud Growing
5.06.14 Regional Food Hub Meeting Richard Evans Networking
29.05.14 Eden Gardener Dale Willis Dale Willis Growing
22.05.14 Making Batter and Frying Food Geoffrey Grigg Cooking
15.05.14 Cooking With Winter Veg Geoffrey Grigg Cooking
8.05.14 Bega Valley Seedsavers Turn 10 Julie Davies Networking
1.05.14 Making Jam with Guavas Nelleke Gorton Cooking
17.04.14 Wheatley Lane Bread, Candelo James Mayhead Cooking
3.04.14 Launch of PIP Permaculture Magazine at SCPA Markets Robyn Rosenfeldt Networking
27.03.14 How Does Your Garden Grow? Lynne & Colin Jones Growing
20.03.14 Making Pasta at Home Geoffrey Grigg Cooking
13.03.14 Cobargo/Quaama Food Swap River Buckland Networking
6.03.14 No Knead Bread Liz Worth Cooking
27.02.14 Broadwater Oysters & EAT Merimbula Sue McIntyre Growing
20.02.14 Bread Making Liz Worth & Geoffrey Grigg Cooking
13.02.14 Peachy Seasonal Dessert Clancy Morrison Cooking
6.02.14 How Does Your Garden Grow Ian Campbell Growing
30.01.14 Mushroom Growing Will Borowski Networking 
23.01.14 Crowdfunding Campaign for PIP Magazine Robyn Rosenfeldt Networking
17.01.14 Community Fruit Fly Baiting John Barlow Networking